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18th October 2020

Content added

Hello, we added some more screenshots to our library and also one more Dev-Blog Video to our library here on the official webpage.

25th July 2020


We are proud to show you the first Concept Cover for CJC. Together with Jessica and Mandy I created a hopefully good image of what the game is about. Enjoy. K.Birkenfeld - CEO

21th July 2020


Since the first concept-art session together with our CEO and Art-Designer we can present some photos of one of the main-characters ingame. "Ethan Parker" will be one of the 2 FBI Agents you can play, embodies by our CEO.

Check the MEDIA-Section under Concept-Arts -> click here

 18th July 2020

We officially began the work on "CONSPIRACIES: JONES CREED"

Welcome back to our new and fresh design about our upcoming, this time commercial project. We started the work on the new CryEngine®. We will fill this webpage with all available information about our upcoming game very soon. As you can see we have several new section in comparisson to the CON15 webpage. We will inform you about everything new on the NEWS page. The CONSPIRACIES - GAME page will give you all informations about our upcoming project. A new feature will be the DEV BLOG. We will show you how we are working, what is our environment, with what programs are we working. We will show you guys our daily work.The BPOF HISTORY tab will allow you to get informations about BPOF (Black Panthers On Fight), how everything began, how we are doing now. The MEDIA section will show you screenshots, trailer and everything else related to our project CONSPIRACIES: JONES CREED. The JOIN US tab will offer you the possibility to contact our project leader for an application to our team. MERCANDISE articles will be added very soon, available for the staff and community. The unique BPOF-DEV PORTAL is only available to our employees and workers. We hope to present you some more informations soon.

Your BPOF Team.

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